Saturday, January 1, 2011

GoodBye 2010 - Welcome 2011 Another 365 days of Journey From Earth

Thank You Dear LORD its the end of another 365 days of Journey from Earth and a New Beginning for another 365 days of Journey from Earth,

Dear Reader, Today Saturday the 1st of January 2011 Marks the 2nd Year of This Blog which creation was inspired by an inspiring revelation i came across which i shared on my First Post which can still be found here. Its a Clear fact that Today marks a great day in our Lives as we go about counting our Blessings through the year 2010 while planning for the successes we hope for in 2011.
But While doing this we still need to bear in mind that there are thousands if not millions of people who wished they could see this day with us but unfortunately they are not here today with us, all about them is now history. They came to this world on a Transit like everyone of us but they had to move on with their Journey of Life and have settled down at their destinations.

Friend, The fact remains that not everyone who saw the end of 2010 and entered into the year 2011 will live through it to the end of the year, as time passes on us so are we getting closer to the day of Our departure from this transit camp called earth. and on a daily basis people will keep moving on leaving loved ones and well wishers behind reminding us that the Journey is actually a personal one that we all must go through individually.

I could still remember some wonderful people i knew who passed on in 2010, but one still struck my mind about a Christian Sister and Family Friend who

lives close to us over here in Nigeria, She is one who loves GOD and GOD's work and was ready to please her maker even till the day of Her Death. Her Death caused lots of sorrow and pains because she was quite healthy and a little under 50, but while trying to weep for the departed we were consoled when several revelations about her exit kept coming. First Her Husband got a clear insight about her death through a message in the Scriptures in Revelations 14 vs 13
And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed [are] the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

Also another Christian Sister got a revelation in a vision of the Night where she saw a saint among us going home. these and more others strengthened us all as we that are alive will not prevent those who are asleep and resting from their Journey from earth, which rest everyone of us who remain faithful to GOD will have someday. But one thing strikes me from the Bible verse above "Their works do Follow them"

Dear Friend ponder on those words, While on Your Journey from earth what works have you been able to do, The works You think you might have done How Worthy are they and would they stand the Fire of GOD that will Try Every man's work, Will Your Works follow you while you are gone from earth and be accepted or rejected, Are You still laboring in GOD's Vineyard or already resting from Your works while still on transit as if You have gotten home? You be the Judge over these questions.

Year 2011 has ushered us into another phase of the Journey and drawn us closer to the end of our Journey from Earth and what we do this year will determine how worthy Our Journey has been, its not about when one starts but what matters is how well one has gone, so Arise Dear One for the Journey is yet still far, The Time's sticking and there are lot of works to do this Year, There are lot of Dark Corners that we are sent to Brighten up and shine our lights on and There are lots of people far from harbor we can guide across the line. Like the master rightly said ''The Harvest Truly is Plenteous" and HE don't want any staying idle this Year.

With Great Joy i say to You All Welcome on Board to the Year 2011 and hope we will all work together to make the Year a Wonderful One for us all, Make Our LORD Rejoice over us and Work towards a Rewarding Journey From Earth.

Thanks and GOD Bless You Richly.

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Thanks for the challenge to keep working until Jesus comes!