Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to Year 2010 Another 365 days Of Journey from Earth

Welcome To The Year 2010, The year 2009 has come and gone just like a Flash of Light with so many things that happened in the year, But One thing that kept me thinking is that the year has gone with so many people it took down the Memory and History line, they might be missed remembered but never to be Seen here on Earth again. Pointing me to the Revelation I Shared on my First post that Life on Earth is a Journey which we started Someday and it surely would end Someday, just like we never knew exactly when it started because we were all too small to know in the same way we will never know when it will end.

I Made my first post on this Blog on Thursday the 1st of January 2009, its been 365 whole day since i made that post on A Vision of Eternity Although i planned having only that post on the Blog but on thinking on several issues that has happened in the year i have decided to work on updating the blog often on several Life Changing Revelations and Truths that can Change and Affect People's Life Positively.

Its been 365 days and today the 1st of January 2010 makes it a complete year of starting this blog but a fact remains that so many people who started the year with us were not able to make it to the end of the year, many started their journey from earth several years back but it all ended in 2009. Their journey on earth ending in 2009 wasn't a bad one but what matters is how well did they go on this Life's Journey, what tracks did they follow, what marks did they leave for others, what destination did they ended up in at the end of their journey from earth.

Dear Friend, I would love you to go over to my First post and read more on Life's journey from earth, You might have crossed over to the year 2010 but, none among Us knows when our journey here on earth will come to an end, in few seconds, few minutes, few hours, few days, few weeks few months, this year or in few years time but we never can tell so you have to take good caution on how you live your life while making this journey from earth.

Remember that there are only Two destinations where this Journey will end. One is in Hell and the Other in Heaven Your Destination will be determined by the Life you have Lived here on earth, I advice you today to Seek GOD Now while on this Journey and Accept Christ Jesus into Your Life who alone is the way to Eternal Life in Heaven and watch Him Lead you on this Life's Journey from Earth.

Welcome Again to another 365 days Journey from Earth, I Pray that you realize all your Godly desires for the year. Please you should Subscribe to this Blog to Get Guided on Your Journey From Earth.

GOD Bless You.
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