Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Saint Gone Home After A Long Uneasy Journey From Earth.

It Was a Journey that started several years ago, a journey with so many experiences, joy and sadness, struggles and battles, rising and falling and victory, a journey which came to an end on Sunday the 20th of March 2011.

I was still at the Church when i was told a saddening news of the death of a beloved Christian brother, father and a darling of mine who has been a great lover of GOD and GOD's people since the 70's. The news of his death was so painful to me as he was a close brother and friend to me and i did see him so healthy at the previous Church service.

At the end of the service i hurried with a brother to his house which is just a little distance from mine only to find
his body still laid on the couch in his sitting room with people already outside his house crying over his death and arrangements being made to take his body to the mortuary. I watched Him with much reflections of the Life He lived and the times i spent with him as he laid as if he was just asleep. I looked with anticipation hoping he could just at least breathe or move his body but not until a Brother pulled His hands and i noticed it was already getting stiffed then i knew he was already Home after a long Journey from earth.

Although The Scriptures said we shouldn't weep for those who are asleep in CHRIST but i couldn't hold myself but shed tears as i watched and heard what many whom he has touched their lives in one way or the other were saying about him. I knew he has left a great vacuum in people's life because I knew he was a genuine Christian, a cheerful giver, a son of consolation, a lover of GOD and all, One who served GOD in times of Plenty and more even when things got so awry for him and when he lost so many things including His finances, his wife and his health, His health got so bad at several times that he battled between life and death and yet never relented nor charged GOD foolishly but will always sing to GOD's praise.

The Church and Brethren always had Him in prayers until GOD's faithfulness was manifested upon Him and he was completely healed from every sickness and heart problems which had cost Him a lot and so he kept on serving GOD until that faithful Sunday when he committed his soul into the hands of GOD the FATHER who came to call him home after he had fought with and overcame death.

If there was one i know who knew the Bible so well and quoted it word for words and hardly makes a statement without using the Scriptures it was this Beloved Brother, He never walked past any he knew without giving one a word of consolation, he was a father to many. I could remember going with some brethren sometime in 2010 to visit a family that had visited the church to encourage them and they shared with us how GOD has been using this Brother like an Angel to Them always coming to them at times of need to help, encourage and favor them, at the time they were telling us this, the brother was still alive. He Truly served GOD to the end and has since rested from all his labors and has received His rewards.

Dear Reader, what is your view about Life, and how well have you lived your life on earth, and what legacy or mark will you leave for others when you are gone. Life on Earth is really a Journey that will certainly end someday. Every tick of the Clock draws us nearer to the end of Our journey from earth. And when You had crossed the last line on this journey where will your next step land you into? will it be into an eternal home in Glory or an eternal Damnation in the lake that burns with Fire and Brimstone. The Life you are living now while on earth will determine that for You.

Wilt Thou Be Save Oh Friend ? Then Why Not Today.
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